To What Extent Various Types and Methods of Proving Truth are Valid in Mathematics, Art and Ethics

To What Extent Various Types and Methods of Proving Truth are Valid in Mathematics, Art and Ethics

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Truth commonly defines as fact or reality. In further study truth has been distinguish into differences meaning according to area of knowledge and issues. Sometime we need multiple to prove a truth but sometime we just need a method to release a fact. That various method leads to many arguments when we need to gain the knowledge. Hence “To what extent various types and methods of gaining of truth are different in mathematics, art and ethics”
Most of mathematicians claim that mathematics’ truth was an absolute truth. How we can gain truth in mathematics actually it is from logic as one of the ways. We can say this statement easily from adding numbers because when we add a number to another number it will get an absolute number. Peano axioms are the evidence for this claim. As example if we plus one with one the outcome can’t be other number except two. From that we can see logic when we establishing a relationship between two set and two sets are equal if and only if each is a subset of the other. These are come from a theory in this topic however truth in mathematics also come from proving method. In mathematics’ history we can see the proving method were used when Euclid create Euclid Geometry. That theory comes in discussing on parallel postulate when Euclid claims “If a straight line crossing two straight lines makes the interior angles on the same side less than two right angles, the two straight lines, if extended indefinitely, meet on that side on which are the angles less than the two right angles” (Euclidian and Non-Euclidian). To summarise this quote we can know that sum of angle in any triangle is 180 degrees. So when draw a right angle triangle we will get 180 degrees if we sum all the angle because right angle tri...

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...rthermore all of the truth had differentiated according to region and legal information. From that we can see the truth has been controlled by authorized person and we are concerning about how reliable the truth in ethics. If the truths are not being exposed to public so the ‘real’ knowledge will remain anonymous. This will create ‘illegal’ knowledge and is it there are such things like that or just to hide from public.

So, the discovery leads to invention. Does there absolute truth in mathematics, art and ethics if they don’t stop arguing an issues of truth? How can trust a theory if other people do not stop find another solution for that particular knowledge? We can assume that there are many type of truth and many ways of seeking the truth so there are truth but some of truth telling lie.

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