To What Extent is Reasoning between the Authoritative Firgure and the Subordinate Figure the Same?

To What Extent is Reasoning between the Authoritative Firgure and the Subordinate Figure the Same?

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We always want to follow the leader. It has been programmed in us, probably since societies were founded. So it is to no surprise that knowledge and beliefs are different between these two positions. However, if they are different then can it be the same? In this paper I will be answering this question that follows: To what extent is reasoning between the authoritative figure and the subordinate figure the same? To do this I will be looking at two experiments, the Monster Experiment and the Milgram Experiment. But why do we always want to follow the leader. I claim that it is because we want to put the burden of responsibility on someone one else.
The Monster Experiment was an unethical experiment done in the year 1938. It was an experiment to see whether stuttering could be taught. The psychologist Dr. Wendell Johnson a stutterer himself was beginning to believe that stuttering was a taught disability, unconsciously taught by some parents when the child was beginning to speak. So in 1938 he devised an experiment that would lead to horrific psychological results. He took 22 orphan children, only half of them were stutters, and separated them into stutterers and non-stutterers, every day for six months these children took simple reading tests. The caretaker, one of whom was Mary Tudor, was to tell the children that they had stutters and they should try harder to speak normally even though they did not stutter or read normally. By the end the student’s speech deteriorated, not into stuttering but into stopping and even refusing to speak at all for fear of the caretakers saying something. Stuttering is a condition of the mind when the muscles in the mouth lock when you are going to say something. It is like a muscle spasm which is...

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...f stepping out of line, therefore they conform and obey authority.
All in all, reasoning in authoritative figures and subordinate figures are very similar. In the Monster Study, the belief that the children stutter can form the caretakers telling them that they stuttered and in the Milgram Experiment the teachers continue to shock the students because the scientists said that it was fine and that they would take responsibility for any harm done to the students. We all want to follow the leader because of this. We all do not want the burden of responsibility. However, reasoning might form different from authority and subordinate when their ideas differ. However, despite of this people still conform due to consequences. We should all try to be more independent despite of consequences and responsibility because sometimes the leader might be going the wrong direction.

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