Essay To What Extent Has the Digital Age Revolutionized Learning?

Essay To What Extent Has the Digital Age Revolutionized Learning?

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Life in the Digital Age: To What Extent has the Digital Age Revolutionized Learning?
In late 20th Century, specifically the years depicting 1990 to 2000, the human civilization at large, bid farewell to the industrialization age and welcomed in its place the digital age, characterized by rapid access to information communication technology. Without a doubt, the technological advances set apart by the digital age have, as stated by Davidson (2011), tremendously transformed "how we live, work and learn." This has been made easy by the fact that the cost of purchasing significant digital equipment such as computers, mobile phones and other related gadgets has been declining over the years; meaning that access to digital technology has outgrown the boundaries of economic standards relative to neighborhoods, cities, countries etc. The greatest question most scholars have been grappling with is how this new found technology is impacting the way people live, learn and work. It is this particular state of affairs that forms the basis for this essay. For purposes of coherence, the essay will focus more on the characteristic of learning, but will also incorporate living and work life in instances where they interrelate. To what extent has the digital age revolutionized learning? Has this transformation been negative or positive? What are some of the challenges that have presented themselves?
Impact of the Digital Age on Learning
It is, first and foremost, important to realize that learning is a continuous process; right from childhood all the way to adulthood. It is therefore important that we characterize the extent to which the digital age has transformed learning into the following subdivisions; its impact on learning at ...

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...ion to everything that happens around us.

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