To the Left: Liberation Theology and Politics in Guyana: A Focus on the 1968 and 1992 General Elections

To the Left: Liberation Theology and Politics in Guyana: A Focus on the 1968 and 1992 General Elections

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Liberation Theology and Guyanese Politics

Liberation theology is the school of thought that explores the relationship between Christian theology and political activism usually of a Marxist orientation with using theology of salvation as liberation from injustice. Liberation theology focuses the unjust of political, economic and social conditions. For Guyanese politics, liberation theology was not used in that sense especially for the PNC it was used as a tactic to gain voters and control the government of Guyana. The theory of liberation theology was first introduced in the 1968 elections.

1968 Elections

Liberation theology was first introduced in Guyana during the 1968 elections. This election was important because it was the first election after the independence of Guyana. Liberation theology was introduced to Guyana’s politics through the Young’s Socialist Movement of the People’s National Congress . For the PNC, liberation theology was used as a socialist tactic and not used as the actual definition that it is , they used it to control the government. The 1968 elections for Guyana was plagued with electoral fraud. It is very disappointing to see that the first election after Guyana gained its independence, the Guyanese people were unable to express themselves politically in an election because it was controlled by the government this resulted in many Guyanese emigrating to other Caribbean nations who practice free and fair elections, the United States and Canada. So that they can have the right to have political freedom.

The reasons why the 1968 elections did not work because of the PNC which was led by Burnham who rigged the elections. As a result of the elections enabled the PNC to stay in power. The government ...

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...ert Pastor, that many issues that came about during the elections they were longlines at the polling stations, in the rural parts of Guyana the voting process did not begin on time because of the polling officers were late, lack of organization delayed the process also. These issued are not as minor but there were disruptions such as violence, intimidation and manipulation that was solely based on race, ethnicity and class association. Other issues that arose were people were not on the official list at the polling places. This led a crowd to the Commissions building to begin to act rowdy and began to throw stones and other items through the windows in the building. David Hinds made reports in his thesis, Problems of Democratic Transition in Guyana believed that these issues were planned by the Elections commissions to cause controversy and a easy win for the PPP.

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