To Succeed One Must First Dream Essay

To Succeed One Must First Dream Essay

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What reveals one's inner desires? What motivates one to surmount all obstacles? What instigates one's ambition? What can bring fantasy into reality? Dreams. Dreams start off as seedlings that are planted in one's mind, and, as they grow, so does one's will to make them materialize.
The process of turning a dream into reality is anything but short. Environmental factors influence dream development. When Mohandas Ghandi was growing up, he lived a charmed life in the merchant caste of India, yet this did not blind him to the atrocities inflicted onto the Indian people by the British empire. After witnessing and experiencing the racist and social darwinist policies of the British colonial government, he knew that he must put a stop to them and alleviate the problems plaguing the 19th and 20th century Indians. Andrew Carnegie's environment, also, affected his aspirations greatly. Growing up in no-name Dunfermline, Scotland, Carnegie always had a dream of becoming something more than where he came from. With that dream he and his family moved to America to pursue that which is known as the "American Dream." The 19th century environment was conducive to developing dreams because the world was full of societal injustices but also so much opportunity.
After one's dream is developed, one must plan and start to act. Ghandi travelled to London to pursue a law degree which would help him manoeuvre the imperial legal system. Starting small, he travelled to South Africa to help the Indian population there. It is here where he cultivated his ideals of religious pluralism and realized the full extent of racist imperial policies. By moving to America, the Carnegies led their son one step closer to his aspirations, and, even as ...

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...ess skills from his previous jobs, he was able to exceed the wealth of even the gilded Tsars. Ghandi, more determined than ever, returned to India intent of freeing it, but, by rallying his people and persistent protest, he was able to accomplish his ultimate goal of independence. Carnegie, through the business savvy he learned as he went along and his sheer desire to complete his final objective, was able transcend social and economic barriers that many thought impenetrable. By hard work alone were these men's dreams realized.
Success is the goal of a person's dreams and can take many forms. And a dream is but a dream until acted upon. But what these men have shown is that through discipline and determination, one can ascend to heights that transcend the dream's themselves. If you want success in your life then remember, "To succeed one must first dream."

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