Essay To Show or Not to Show?...That Is The Question

Essay To Show or Not to Show?...That Is The Question

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When showing a movie that is based on a piece of literature to high school students, the person showing the movie should take in consideration of several aspects that affect the student. If the movie does more harm than good, it should not be shown for the good of the student. These aspects must be acknowledged especially when deciding if the 2007 movie version of Beowulf is acceptable to show to East Juniata high school seniors. Mr. Benner should not show this to the high school seniors because it does not follow the plot line as close as possible, parts of the movie can disgust some of the students, and it is possible that the movie could deride the actual poem.
Every movie director does have the poetic license when reviving a newer version of a piece of literature, however, what the director does in this movie is far from that. Not only has the director, Robert Zemeckis, made the usual subtle changes we expect when literature is adapted to film, but the plot and character descriptions also has been altered significantly. Grendel is not Hrothgar's child nor is the dragon is not some malignant offspring of Beowulf and Grendel's mother, both portrayed this way in the movie. In the actual poem, Grendel is described as being a descendent of Cain, the first murderer, cursed by God. He is the embodiment of evil and darkness. The dragon becomes angered when a thief steals from his treasure hoard. He seeks revenge on the Geatish people - Beowulf's subjects - and causes Beowulf to take his men to the dragon's cave for his final battle. Having Angelina Jolie portray Grendel's mom in the movie was not the best casting for this part. Grendel’s mother takes the form of a gorgeous woman who emerges dripping wet and naked from the water....

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...le, the movie can offend some of the students, and it is possible that the movie could be ridiculing the actual poem. Because of these factors, it distorts the seniors’ perspectives of what Beowulf’s true story line is. Students are not likely to go and research what Beowulf is about due to how they view this movie, which, in turns, restrains their views on epic poetry now and maybe even in the future.

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