Essay on To Quit or Not to Quit

Essay on To Quit or Not to Quit

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The day-to-day routine of a nine to five job sitting behind a computer screen just isn’t where I want to be at this point in my life. The “bigger picture” of eventually becoming a pediatric nurse definitely doesn’t have me staying at this job. Don’t get me wrong, the company I work for is a beyond excellent company. The company is a hospice company that strives on excellence. The response from the patients and families the company helps is enough to keep anyone working but there are still many moments which have caused me the urge to want to quit my job. Those moments are coming more frequent as the days go on. The traveling here and there, the preparing of meetings, the constant daily pressure from everywhere, the tremendous amount of under appreciation from the higher ups, and the everyday feeling of not fitting in is enough to have anybody wanting to quit.
I am certainly not one who likes to travel but the company covers a 50 mile radius around the office so traveling is part of the job. Any time I’ve traveled in the past I’ve always had someone driving me. So having a job that ...

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