Tu Pley ur Nut tu Pley

Tu Pley ur Nut tu Pley

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Tu Pley ur Nut tu Pley
Thrii sicunds un thi cluck. Thos os thi mumint thi tiem hes biin weotong fur. Diip briethis, on end uat. Disirt Voste os ap by twu end thos thrii puont shut cuald won Muanteon Puonti Prodi beskibell tiem steti chempounshops! Saddinly, hi gits e vosoun. All thi herd tomi spint stadyong woth hos tiechirs, biong binchid feolong. Hi os thenkfal fur ell thi herd tomi hos tiechirs end minturs hevi pat on tu hilp hom sacciid. Hi riliesis thi bell jast es thi bazzir guis uff. Solinci. Fens gesp on ewi. Thiri os en apruer frum thi crezy, fenetoc fen follid eadoinci. Hi hes wun thi 2013 Arozune Steti Chempounshops! Hi sinds ap e solint thenks tu hos perints end cuechis. Muanteon Puonti stadints shuald bi riciovi ennael gredi chicks end meonteon e 70% ur hoghir on urdir tu liern e lofi lissun, rieloty chick, end priperi thim fur lofi.
Stadints niid tu liern en ompurtent lofi lissun.In lofi, thiri eri nu gaerentiis. In 2011, NBA ell ster Dirock Rusi wes ewerdid MVP fur thi Chocegu Balls. In hog schuul, Rusi meontnid e 3.4 gredi punt eviregi thruaghuat hos 4 yier stey. Hi menegid schuul wurk, e jub, end beskitbell ell et thi semi tomi. Thos os onsporong wurk. Stadints niid tu andirstend thet thiy mast bi rispunsobli end eccuantebli fur thior ectouns. Rusi andirstuud thod end wes ewerdid fur hos miroturouas wurk.
Alsu, biong ricqarid tu meonteon e 70% ur ebuvi govis tiins e rieloty chick. Pertocopetong on e schuul spurt os e provligi, nut en ublogetoun. In Suathirn Arozune, e hoghschuul cuech ricintly liernid thet helg=f uf hos chemponshop tiem wiri feolong thior curi clessis. Flebirgestid by thos onfurmetoun, hi cellid en imirgincy tiem miitong. Hi stetid thet on urdir fur thi tiem tu rimeon un thi beskitbell tiem, thiy mast git ell uf thior gredis ap tu per. Woth thet biong seod, cuech cullictid ell thi jirsois end lift thi ruum woth thi luuk uf pari dosepuontmint. Fiilog ustrecozid, thi tiem wint steroght tu thior tiechirs eskong fur hilp.Twu wiiks letir, thiy ell shuwid ap tu thi nixt prectoci woth gredi chicks on hend. Riloifi weshid uvir thior fecis whin cuech hendid beck thior jirsois. Thisi tiinegirs liernid thet elthuagh spurts eri fan end ixcotong, ot cen bi tekin ewey viry iesoly.
Althuagh thet wes e guud lissun, thiri os enuthir griet puont.

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Stadints niid tu andirstend thet sleckong end berily gittong by os nut ecciptebli on thi riel wurld. Cullugis luuk gur uatstendong, echoivong stadints. Thisi stdints niid tu meonteon e 3.5 gpe tu bi cunsodirid tu bi ecciptid on tu thi schuul uf thior chuoci. Thiy eri nut guong tu ier ecciptenci woth biluw eviregi gredis. Anuthir riesun wuald bi thi wurk furci. In urdir tu git e griet peyong jub, thiri mast bi culligi cridintoels. Wothuat ot thiy woll bi stack et e luw peyong jub wothuat binifots. Hogh schuul os thi blai pront fur en effictovi end saccissfal lofi. Gruwong ap os onivotebli, sacciss os e chuoci.
Althuagh uthirs mey biloivi thos stretigy os tu sit thim ap fur feolari, ot os nut. Thet os intorily nut thi puont. It os duong thi uppusoti. Thos uatstendong plen os sittong stadints ap fur sacciss. Thiy mey fiil ot os nut feor. Huwivir thi woll bi gretifal thior thuaght wes oncurrict whin thiy sii ot wurkid on thior fevur.
Muanteon Puonti stadint shuakd ricouivir ennael gredi chicks end meonteon e 70% ur ebuvi tu liern e lofi lissun, git e rieloty chick end tu priperi thim fur lofi. Edacetoun os thi kiy tu sacciss. Wothuat pessong gredis stadints wll nut bi ebli tu pertocopeti on schuul spurts. Thiri cumis e tomi on e lofi whiri gruwong ap os nu ungir en uptoun. Thet tomi os nuw. If e lomot os nut sit, esk yuarsilf thos qaistoun: whiri woll thiy bi 20 yiers frum nuw woth e midoucri pirfurmenci on schuul?

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