Essay on To Live in Different Corners of the World

Essay on To Live in Different Corners of the World

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There are many different cultures around the world; some of them we think are normal while others are so bizarre that we cannot wrap our heads around them. Some countries have a different set of standards than other countries. For example, some non-offensive gestures in one country might be offensive in another. The OK sign means ‘okay’ in the U.S., but “in countries like Brazil, Germany, and Russia, the OK sign is an offensive gesture that depicts a private bodily orifice” (Cotton). If one is not careful, he or she can unintentionally offend the people that are living around him or her which can make living there really difficult. Since each nation around the world have a different set of culture with a different set of living standards, each individual have different preferences on where they want to live in the future. Living in Japan should be more beneficial than living in any other country around the world. Based on their geography, demographics, government, and the typical life styles of the people for United States, China, and Japan, I would prefer living in Japan than in both U.S. and China. United States is unique in which multiple cultures are blended together to create a nation with many different cultures, either several cultures mixed together to create a new single culture or a single culture that has retained its originality.
United States have been known as the ‘Melting Pot’, a mixture of many different cultures in one nation. For example, the Chinese from Asia and Hispanics from Mexico migrated to California during the Gold Rush in the mid nineteenth century to gain rich and fame. Bordered by two oceans, the Pacific to the west and the Atlantic to the east, and two countries, Canada to the north and Mexico to t...

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