Essay about To Each His Own Opinion

Essay about To Each His Own Opinion

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To each his own Opinion
During the 20th century, America had many challenges and one of the main issues was social discrimination. Although slavery was abolished in the late 19th century, the Negros were still being treated unfairly by the white majority. They were forced to separate themselves from the white society against their will. They had different schools, facilities, and even had to sit in a different section on the buses. However, a few individuals had decided to step up and take action against this racial segregation and through their inspiring speeches and interviews, they created change in the nation. These individuals are none other than Martin Luther King and Malcolm X. Even though each man had supported a different philosophy for how the ideal nation should be as well as distinctive methods to achieve that, the problem they were facing was the same, to help the Negros get out of their prejudice.
To create change through a nation, a leader has to speak out to its people with a unique philosophy that can spark ideas and change beliefs. The philosophies of these men both vary greatly and the model nation they wanted was also different. MLK fought for equality for everyone and to end racial segregation. He wanted civil rights for everyone and for the Negros and whites to co-exist peacefully with one another. Malcolm X on the other hand, had a different viewpoint on the situation. He still wanted to end the racial segregation, but he never wanted coexistent afterwards. His philosophy was that the western culture was racist and the Negros needed to form Black Nationalism. In his ideal nation, the Negros would unite and develop self-dependence away from the white because in the global scale, they were a majority, not ...

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... achievements. Obama may have not created any drastic changes yet, but he has captured the attention of the world and we are all waiting to see what he will bring out.
Throughout history, some individuals have stepped up against the wrongs of society and brought about change through distinctive methods. Martin Luther King was known for his peaceful ideology while Malcolm X is regarded as the black activist who was willing to take the extra step. Even though their viewpoints were different, the goal in the end was the same and they both contributed in their own way to solve the prejudice problems of the early 20th century. The nation America is today would not be the same without the influences that these two men have caused. How America will be shaped from now on lies in the hands of a Negro once again and only the future can tell what type of nation will be born.

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