To Drink or Not to Drink Essay

To Drink or Not to Drink Essay

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The foam of the lager remained on my peach fuzzed mustache as I sipped my first beer. I was twelve years old and indulging in alcohol was not a wise decision. I didn't know the impact it would have on my life or the ramifications involved with drinking. Thinking about consequences and the effects of the choices we make is a thought process deleted with more alcohol consumption. As I grew older and became able to drive the opportunity to drink and drive presented itself quite often. Although I never drove drunk I was a culprit of having one beer then driving but this practice stopped as life hurled tragedy at me. My godmother was killed by a drunk driver in addition my father, who was in the car too, was seriously injured as well. This shock filled experience helped define my view towards alcohol and my consumption of it especially in relation to driving. Now as an adult my position is very strongly on the side of no alcoholic beverages when I am about to drive. The social aspect of drinking is what propels a lot of individuals to drink but the act of driving while impaired is a dangerous choice.
She left her house with a radiant smile and that same smile continued as I watched her open the door to the car with my father firmly entrenched in the driver's seat. They were on their way to buy a tire for her car which so happened to be three miles from our home. Time crawled along at snails pace and eventually my brothers and myself wondered where my father and godmother were. Within an instant my mother screamed for me and I ran to her as if my life depended on it. Instead my life was not in the balance it was my godmother who had lost hers. Instantly shattered and numb I was afraid to ask the next question but my mother eased my ...

... middle of paper ... he fell asleep at the wheel with a blood alcohol content level that was twice the legal limit. The car flipped twice and slung Jeffrey from it like a rag doll but he survived and to this day he does not drink. I have several acquaintances who drink a glass of wine, a shot of liquor, a beer or two and then drive home carefree. Although every individual has their own tolerance level as it pertains to alcohol the missing factor that seems to be missing from everyone's mind is the legality of drinking and driving regardless of consumption. Drunk driving is illegal and the importance of understanding how quickly one beer can lead into two should not be misunderstood. By considering those factors people will learn to make better decisions when it comes to alcohol and driving. Having the ability to get into a car and drive is a privilege that should not be taken lightly.

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