To Dance at The Palais Royale by Janet McNaughton Essay

To Dance at The Palais Royale by Janet McNaughton Essay

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To Dance at the Palais Royale written by Janet McNaughton, is an exciting historical fiction novel that follows Agnes Maxwell on her adventures in the big city of Toronto. McNaughton’s novel is an accurate description of the technology available and fashion trends of the late 1920s. She includes many details in her novel such as the refrigerator, which was accurately described. McNaughton incorporates the use of the Victrola, a popular phonograph used in the 1920s and Agnes Maxwell has the chance to wear a beautiful dancing dress typical of the time period. To Dance at the Palais Royale is a historically accurate novel that authentically describes technology and fashion typical of the late 1920s.

Agnes Maxwell, also known as Aggie, is the protagonist of To Dance at the Palais Royale. She has immigrated to Toronto, Canada by herself in the late 1920s to join her older sister Emma as a domestic servant. Aggie has left her family in Loughlinter, Scotland to work for a wealthy Toronto family, the Stockwoods. Aggie plans on sending the money she earns back home to her family, so that they can join her and her sister in Canada and save their younger siblings from the rough life back home. Aggie has a rough start working for the Stockwoods, as she is accused of stealing from them. The family then learns they have been mistaken and that they can trust Aggie. She then befriends Rodney, Mr. and Mrs. Stockwood’s son, but their relationship becomes blurred. Aggie acts as though she is no longer his employee, but a friend. She entangles herself in lies and then soon discovers her place in society. Aggie makes her own friends and finds true love. When she first immigrated to Canada, she did not want to leave her family and be in a new town....

... middle of paper ...>.
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