To Become Educated is a State of Mind Essay

To Become Educated is a State of Mind Essay

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A simple and easy question is proposed: “What it means to be an educated person?” This sounds rather strait forward, and most people when asked if they’re educated, the answer would probably be an immediate “yes”. When ask “what it means to be educated? Or “how did you become educated?” The answer might not come so easily. Right from the start, education is thought to be as a process of learning; one might instantly think of school or college but other knowledge obtained outside of school would then become put into question.
In March 2012, the CFR in New York published a converse report entitled “U.S. Education Reform and National Security”. The report discussed the topics of the proposed questions and how they affect the national security of the U.S. Through the use of consistent testing administered by the NAEP showed a decline in national indigence properties by global unity standards. The use of strategic thinking was one of the major losses in score. Americans weren’t become educated in a deeper capacity. The state of the how we see education is in need of change.
My personal philosophy on the subject of education is that of personal dedication. To truly become educated, one must have a desire to learn. To have a yearning passion to learn, instead of just an obligation; the modern society has made it so that we are required to stuff information into our heads to succeed in life. To make it in this world at even the slightest, one must require the all of schooling necessary. Schooling that is made to promote education, though in reality it is defined as an unfortunate hassle of obligation to reach a final goal. This goal is the degree, masters, a doctorate, or even just a high school graduate. At least one of these is...

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...direction of this mindset. The only other question is: “Will the rest of our growing society ever have this mindset and desire”?

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