Tituba´s Viewpoint of the Salem Witch Trails Essay

Tituba´s Viewpoint of the Salem Witch Trails Essay

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Outline:The story portrays Tituba in a new light and can be reflected on leading up to and during the trials.

Intro: In the story I, Tituba, it is shown that Tituba has quite a different life and is portrayed as an almost entirely different person than that in any background we read or what I knew about the Salem witch trials. Tituba is typically shown to be a dark witch of some sort who single handedly ruined an entire community in Massachusetts. In the story however she is seen having much more of a background and a real life than just being a witch. Many ups and downs in her journey from being a slave can be seen and often shows the hardships that she faced.
Topic sentence 1-To this day there is still very little known about the background of Tituba and the Salem Witch Trials as a whole.
Evidence: I use this topic sentence to help portray the reasoning behind the transformation of Tituba and the Salem Witch Trials.
Evidence: This statement also reflects back to the outline and how the way she portrays Tituba makes the reader question the motives behind the accusations.
Topic se...

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