Title IX: Equality of Genders in School Essays

Title IX: Equality of Genders in School Essays

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Can you imagine if girls weren't’t able to play as many sports as boys? Before 1972, women didn't have as many opportunities as men did. Also, women were left out of many activities and were turned away from doing great things.
Starting in 1971, Senator Birch Bayh of Indiana introduced Title IX. Senator Bayh said,
“No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.” (Bayh)
It took only few months for Congress to pass Title IX. On June 23,1972, Richard Nixon signed the Title IX law, stating that, Title IX prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex. After the law had been passed, women everywhere celebrated because finally they had freedom. The law changed the face of all federal funded activities.
A few years before Title IX was introduced, another law paved the way for gender equity for boys and girls. On October 13, 1962, President Lyndon Johnson signed the Executive Order 11375. The Law prohibits federal contractors from employment practices that discriminate on the basis of sex. This law helped create a following for Title IX.
Title IX grew the first few years after being passed. The law covers treatment of pregnant or parenting students, student housing, athletics, extra curricular activities, employment practices, sexual harassment, admissions, access to higher education, counseling, technology, and employment. The law was applied to all schools that received federal funding. It was based from US constitution, statues, regulations, policy materials, and case law. All of the areas that Title IX covers, need scholarships to conti...

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...e class interest area. Before Title IX, computer and video games were considered boys’ things. If girls were to touch a computer, it was to enter data. Now, both girls and boys use computers at home and at school. According to a recent study, seventy percent of future jobs will require computers. Title IX encourages women and men to learn how to use computers for everyday life.
As supported by the research, Title IX provides women freedom to be able to do what men can do. Both men and women are benefit from Title IX. Title IX is changing every year and adjusting to all key areas of interest people have today. The increase in girls playing sports and doing greater things has changed women’s roles in society. In conclusion, sex discrimination is not just a law to be applied in the school and at workplaces; it needs to be applied in our actions towards others.

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