Title Ix : Discrimination Based On Gender Essay

Title Ix : Discrimination Based On Gender Essay

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Title IX
According to Title IX, “No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any educational program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.” This law was formed around sex discrimination in 1972. It prohibits discrimination based on gender in educational programs and activities. The first Asian American United States congresswoman, Patsy Mink, had countless encounters with gender discrimination which led to her contribution on creating Title IX. This federal law allowed women to explore opportunities once reserved for men by providing them with a safe and comfortable learning environment, giving them equal opportunity for admission into schools, and giving women the confidence and opportunity to pursue their desired career.
Title IX was based solely upon discrimination based on gender, specifically about education. One of the principal authors of the educational amendment was Patsy Mink. She was the first Asian American woman and woman of color to serve as a United States congresswoman in 1971. She had countless encounters with sex discrimination, even back then when she still went to high school. For example, Mink applied to medical school and in return got twelve rejections, so she opted to go to law school, but was then turned down because she was a married woman. After facing sexism countless times, Mink wanted to make a change. She, as well as Congresswoman Edith Green were given the opportunity to help women pursue their dreams as equal as men. In result, it leads to the creation and ratification of Title IX.
Title IX opened up many opportunities for women concerning the...

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...e IX still prohibits sex discrimination, even if they themselves aren’t the victim. This shows that Title IX gave women more opportunity in the work force.
Although women were harshly faced with discrimination based on gender during the 1970s, Patsy Mink’s encounter with gender discrimination drove her to enforcing the idea of Title IX which highly affected the way women live today by giving women many opportunities for pursuing their education as well as providing them with a safe and comfortable learning environment, giving them the same opportunity as men for admission into schools, and gave women the confidence and opportunity to pursue their desired career. Title IX took a huge toll on the lives of women back then and today, and through the passage of this act, women were given many opportunities to pursue their education as well as their part in the work force.

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