Tissue Regeneration in the Lung Essay

Tissue Regeneration in the Lung Essay

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Tissue regeneration in the lung
Basic function of the lung
The lungs are a significant organ in the body. Lungs permit the breathing process. They allow oxygen into the body and also remove carbon dioxide. The lung is a soft organ that is protected by the ribcage. Two lungs are contained in the chest, a right and left lung for each side of the chest. They are further divided into lobes and segments and are mostly involved in the gas exchange at the alveolar level (Diaz-Medonza et al. 2013). Lungs are able to expand, when expanding air is drawn in, and bound back to their original position and size when air is leaving. Being able to execute this function depends on the control and balance present between ventilation, breathing mechanics, and vascular perfusion (Hazari et al. 2010). Oxygen is key for organisms because this is what provides energy and nutrients for the blood supply. Carbon dioxide is a waste product of the body which needs to be ridded.
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
A disease that occurs in the lungs is Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). It is considered a group of lung conditions which makes it difficult for the lungs to clear the air out. Symptons of this disease include shortness of breath, the feeling of fatigue or cough. COPD is also a disease used to describe someone with chronic bronchitis, emphysema, or even a combination of both conditions. This disease is at most of a higher risk when a person is a smoker. Along with smoking, other factors that can contribute to COPD is aging and sleep disturbances. In a majority of cases COPD is a weakening disease that coexist with sleep disturbances (Ohayon 2014). Difficulty breathing or night awakenings during sleep is commonl...

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...in order to focus on the growth of pulmonary cells. It has been demonstrated that pulmonary cells can grow rapidly in vitro.
Future Research of COPD
Many Americans suffer from COPD, it is now ranked the forth leading disease to cause death (Croxton et al. 2002). A major way to prevent this disease is by being a non-smoker, but many people still continue to smoke cigarettes. Although smoking is a key factor in COPD, it is not the only thing causing this disease, this means that further research in risk factors should be looked into. Things such as discoveries, new experimental approaches, and techniques have been developed (Croxton et al. 2002). Developments such as these are significant in aiding the prevention and treatment of the disease. COPD is currently an enormous health burden, therefore the research progress on this disease is in urgent need.

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