Essay about Tips On Using Instagram As A Starting Platform For Your Business

Essay about Tips On Using Instagram As A Starting Platform For Your Business

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10 tips on how to use Instagram as a starting platform for your business

Here you will learn how to establish and grow your brand on Instagram. Some businesses have been using Instagram for years without success because they were unfocused, focused on the wrong thing, or were alienating their core consumer. Here are ten tips to help small businesses, entrepreneurs and new starters make a positive splash on Instagram.

1 - Aim for a female demographic without leaning too far into gender stereotypes

Instagram is mostly populated by female users, which explains why the most viral pictures are typically female friendly. For example, the image with the most likes is by KendallJenner, with over 3.6 million likes, and it is of her wedding day hairstyle. Of the top Instagram profiles, the only one that is remotely male friendly is cristiano, and you may be unsurprised to learn that this soccer player is gorgeous and frequently posts shirtless pictures of himself.

2 - Tell a story with your image caption

Trial and error testing will teach you many things--such as how Instagram is an unpredictable social media platform. You are able to post around 2200 characters for your caption, but Instagram cuts off your text and only shows anywhere between the first 107 characters and the first 157 characters.


Obviously, this means you must make your point within the first 100 characters. A picture does say a 1000 words, but a caption will help draw people in, and may turn a passing glance into an interaction. Again, trial and error testing will help you determine what sort of caption will draw in your target audience.

3 - Your brand...

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...r when adding images.

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10 - Are you able to reward your Instagram followers?

American Express cannot sell their products based on visual images, at least not in the traditional sense, so they post on a number of different business and credit related issues. They also reward their followers with backstage entries to big events. You should also reward your customers exclusively. Give them discount codes that they cannot find on your other social media profiles or websites. Offer them inside information on new products and upgrade options. Find a way to reward your followers, and not only will you retain your followers, but a byproduct is that it may give them an incentive to share your profile with other people.

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