Tips on How to Sell Your Business Essay

Tips on How to Sell Your Business Essay

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Having one's own business is a great deal of work. It could get overwhelming to the point that you want to let go. Selling a business is an important event where you have the opportunity to reap financial rewards for your hard work and sacrifice. You need to put just as much preparation into the sale of the business as you did when you started it.

How to Sell Your Business

1. Resolve outstanding problems within the business. Spruce up the place. Dispose useless or outdated inventory and equipment.

2. Get all financial documents up to date and accurate. Be ready with the profit and loss records, balance sheets and tax returns, dating back at least three years. Present other documents the buyer will require during the due diligence phase of the selling process.

3. You may promote the sale through local business organizations or networks. Advertise in local newspapers and regional business magazines or newspapers. Join trade associations. They usually offer members free advertisement placements in their publications. The other members can also spread the word around.

4. If you do not have the experience of selling a business, ask other enterpreneurs to recommend the right business broker for your needs. A professional who makes a living selling businesses can sell your business in a timely manner. It will be less stressful for you. A broker has a network of buyers who are qualified and seriously looking for a business to buy. He or she can match your business to a client for a quick deal, or list your business on the former's website and promote it through his or her network.

5. A business appraiser or expert evaluator can help you come up with a fair and realistic asking price for the...

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...o sell. If your business is not performing favorably, try to wait until it picks up. You could also wait until the economic climate is rosier to maximize the returns you except to make.

Be up front and honest about the business. Set realistic expectations and hang in there. It can be a long journey but once you've sold your business, you can savor the accomplishment and enjoy your rewards. Are you ready to sell?

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