Tips and Tricks on How to Draw Essay

Tips and Tricks on How to Draw Essay

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I have been drawing since seventh grade, practicing whenever I could, even in the middle of class. I remember not having to go to a parent teacher conference because I complained about not wanting to go, all because I knew the teachers probably had something to say about my grades and lack of attention in class. I drew so much in Jr. High and high school that there were a few instances where my parents would often get angry and threaten to take my drawing stuff away. They had gone to parent teacher conferences and were told that I never paid attention in class because I was always drawing. One teacher had actually told my parents," I think Lilly would rather draw than breath." I have always been passionate about art and have improved within the past eight years. I have learned many tips and tricks by teaching myself how to draw. I have always had people asking me how I draw so well. I was always happy with trying to teach someone, but there has been a few times that they would ask me, "How do you do that?" and I would tell them, "Well, you see, I grab a piece of paper and a pencil then I put my pencil down on the paper and move it around." Now, I’m not going to do that here.
Start with a circle and have it about a centimeter under from the top of the paper. Then starting from the middle of the circle draw two straight lines down slightly going inwards, and stop at the bottom of the circle. After that start from the bottom of your lines and make a slightly curved triangle. Now your face should be shaped like an egg when you finish. Draw a lowercase T in the center with the horizontal line in the middle of your drawing's face. This is the method I use to map out the proportions of the face. The horizontal line of the T is where ...

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...reful when drawing, if you look at page ten you will see on the right an example of a good first try; then you see what it should look like on the right. The left picture is more squared out, make sure to round every line. The way the arms and legs are drawn is almost correct if they would have curved their lines a little, which would be mostly noticed by the shoulder, lower part of the arm and the lower leg.
The most important thing I have learned about learning to draw, is that it takes a lot of practice and patience. Which to me means, if you don't get it right the first time, try again and again. The more you practice and swear to never give up, the better you will get. Never overlook any tips a talented artist gives you. Because if you do not then you will wish you did later, when you figure those tips out on your own. Also, remember to always do your best.

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