Essay about Tips, Advice, And Encouragement

Essay about Tips, Advice, And Encouragement

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Tips, Advice, and Encouragement to Future Composition I Students
To future students, taking this Composition I course, I want to give you some tips, advice, and encouragement that will, hopefully, help you on the beginning of your journey. These are tools, I have gathered and learned in my own process, of this course. I will discuss in this essay about, some methods and tips I used for my writing, what to look for and how to make an argumentative paper valid, and then give you encouraging words that will motivate you to not give up.

If there is one thing you should always keep in mind for this class, is that you should be very observant in everything you read and do. At the beginning of this class, I was eager to become a better writer. Because of this eagerness, I was quick to write and finish my assignments, but I did not notice little things that I should have added in my work. For Example, one of our assignments was to write note cards using excel sheets. One of the keynotes to this assignment stated,” As a general guide, I 'd expect that you have a minimum of 2-3 points for each page of the articles. The articles are rich in details, so you should have at least 2-3 points on each page to include in your electronic note cards.” Seems pretty straight forward right? Unfortunately, my incompetence got in the way and I only did 2-3 points for each article. Listening to each step carefully and being observant is key to having easy travels in this course.

The second thing you will need to get ahold of to be successful in this course, is how to be able to judge yourself. A major part of this class is, the practice of grading your own work and making decisions on how to improve your work. You may want to start right off the b...

... middle of paper ...

...ion, I hope that this paper gives you a peek into what you will be doing and hopefully help you prepare for what you are going to be doing in this course. If you pay attention to the small details, make sure your sources are credible, and stay focused on improving your own writing, you will be successful in your voyage. I, sincerely, wish you the best!

Mini Reflection of “Tips, Advice, and Encouragement to Future Composition I Students

I tried to write this paper as if I was writing to myself. Because of that this paper is very simple and easy to read but may lack the creativity, that I normally would have. I think I was able to find really good quotes from different articles that helped carry my point across. I would give my paper a 4 out of 5 rating. However, I feel if I could have worked on this paper longer I could give myself a better overall rating.

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