Essay about The Timucuan Ecological Preserve Preservation

Essay about The Timucuan Ecological Preserve Preservation

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The Timucuan Ecological Preserve.
The preservation of native species in the ecosystem is an essential activity that ensures the balance of nature. Native species entail the species that thrive in the region in which they first evolved (Garratt, 1999). Species have the capability of evolving over time in response to the biotic as well as the physical processes that are characteristic to a specific region, such as the general climate. They also evolve in response to the other existing species that inhabit the specific ecosystem(Garratt, 1999.This means that native species posses specific traits which make them adapt to certain conditions offering practical as well as ecologically valuable alternatives for conservation, landscaping and restoration projects .The Timucuan Ecological preserve is one such ecosystem for native species. The preserve is located in Jacksonville, Florida. Established in 1988, the preserve covers approximately 46,000 acres of wetland habitats that are protected within this preserve (Oppermann, 2010) .
The Major Structural and Functional Dynamics.
Natural resources and native species have shared a history for more than 6000 years within the ecosystem of the Timucuan ecological preserve. There is evident interaction among humans and nature as indicated by the altered wetlands , the tabby structures of the Kinglsey plantation , the spoil islands , boat docks of the subdivision and finally the introduction of exotic plants as well as animals to the preserve.This structural dynamic demonstrates that the ecological preserve is a place where cultural ,natural, and native species interact(Oppermann, 2010) .
The Timucua preserve is maintained through the joint efforts of the department of environm...

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...tem remains balanced .It also ensures that native species survive in their respective ecosystems.
Implication of Species Interactions.
Species interactions refer to the various effects that living organism in one community have on each other (Garratt, 1999). In the natural ecosystem , no organism can exist in total isolation. The interactions of a species in their natural ecosystem is essential for the survival of the species as well as the proper functioning of the general ecosystem .Such interactions are not necessarily direct , the species can affect each other through intermediaries like shared resources .
The impacts of such interactions range from predation where they consume each other , to mutualism whereby each species benefits from the other . Parasitism whereby one species feed off another one is also one of the implications of species interactions.

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