Timothy Findley's Realistic Journey in The Wars Essay

Timothy Findley's Realistic Journey in The Wars Essay

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Timothy Findley Creates a fictional world through his novels, where readers can relate to the situations and characters. The protagonists that Findley creates are often similar and connected to the hardships that they eventually encounter and defeat or that which they are defeated by. Findley takes his readers back in time to the First World War, displaying his knowledge of history and research, where the hardships of a young soldier’s battles internally and externally are brought to the reader’s attention in his historical-fiction novel The Wars. Findley writes about the reality and absurdity of the First World War, and takes the reader’s on a journey through the active reading process to find what is “sane” and “Insane” throughout the duration of the novel. Following the journey of the protagonist, Robert Ross as he enlists in the Canadian Army after the death of his sister Rowena, and undoubtedly is the turning point of the text and ideally where Findley initiates the active reading process, and where the contents placed in the story by Findley, are analyzed and opinionated based on the reader’s perception and subjectivity of truth. Essayist Anne Reynolds writes “ Findley manages, through technical prowess, to combine Hemingway-like choices of clear moment searing horror and truth at the battlefront with scenes depicting the effects of war on the families and lovers of the soldiers.” (Reynolds, 4) According to Reynolds Findley has been able to display the absurdity and affect that not only the First World War has caused but the ludicrousness war in general has caused the families of soldiers, and society as a whole. Using the literary theory of deconstruction many aspects and scenarios in The Wars can be analyzed, as Fin...

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...d died. Like that.” (Findley, 103-104) Perhaps this scene is where readers are changing their perceptions of death, changing their “truths” and the way death is viewed. Harris’ death proves that death even though it is occasionally fearful; there are moments where death is nothing to fear. Findley deconstructs the aspect of death in this these sections to prove that death is more than just “dying”, also that “death” can be peaceful and valued just as much as life. Thus Findley deconstructs life and death by justifying that death can be just as pleasing and meaningful as life.
In conjunction with deconstructing life and death, Timothy Findley also deconstructs what is “Wrong and right”

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