The Times Of The Butterflies By Julia Alvarez Essay

The Times Of The Butterflies By Julia Alvarez Essay

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The novel In The Times of the Butterflies, by Julia Alvarez, consists of a frame narrative told by the only Mirabal sister to survive the reign of Trujillo, Dede Mirabal. This story takes place in the Dominican Republic all the way back in 1938, leading up to the “present” time in 1994. At this time in the Dominican Republic, the country is being ruled by a man named Trujillo, and he is making their homeland an unsafe and horrible place. The Mirabal sisters’ participation in the political movement against Trujillo led to their murder on November 25, 1960. Their action was symbolized as a threat to Trujillo dictatorship, which eventually led to their death.The conclusion that can be taken to assume that the Mirabal sisters were murdered is Minerva 's actions against Trujillo at the San Cristobal Celebration, the protesting of the sisters to dismantle Trujillo dictatorship were all early signs of what was to come to the sister. Lastly rumors flying around that the sister would be killed when visiting their husbands in jail.

Furthermore, the Mirabal sisters’ action were seen as a threat to Trujillo dictatorship and this can be seen when Minerva took action against Trujillo at the San Cristobal Celebration by not permitting Trujillo to seduce her in front of all the people currently attending the ceremony. In The Time of the Butterflies, chapter six briefly explain why Minerva action against Trujillo led to the sister death. Minerva slapping Trujillo in the face was a sign of bravery that she was not going to let Trujillo dilated her action like he did to a bunch of other women. It was clearly shown that Trujillo wasn’t going to let this slide by, instead build various events to make her suffer, making her commit to this actions whi...

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...teer to drive the Mirabal sisters to jailed to visit their husband.

Heroes and courageous characters are individuals that never fail when needed to the rescue. A literary hero is one with courage, one who is healthy, one who never fails and only knows how to succeed. Therefore Minerva, as I have pointed out, is weaker than she thinks and is not the courageous character that everyone would like to believe. This is as important to the book as it is to real life because it is a flaw that nobody seems to realize or recognize. Maybe Alvarez did not think Minerva is the strongest character, and that readers just want to believe she is because a couple of courageous acts that she performs. As in real life, people that always keep their emotions to themselves and hide their fears inside are thought of and perceived as brave. But who says that this is what courage is?

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