Time Travel: Wormholes and Ideas on Traveling Forwards and Backwards Essay

Time Travel: Wormholes and Ideas on Traveling Forwards and Backwards Essay

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The concept of time travel is one that often twists the minds of many. The hope is well alive in the hearts of many to go back in time and roam with the dinosaurs, or travel forward to the year of 3404. The following research paper is about time travel, and contains a collection of information on wormholes, the ideas and possibilities of travelling backwards and forwards in time, the concept of the speed of time, and black holes.
Space is often depicted as a two dimensional plane, but in reality, space has length, width, height, and also time. Time causes space to become a four dimensional realm. Nothing is flat or solid, including space. It has crevices, voids, and wrinkles. Imagine yourself driving in a car. If you drive in one straight line without veering left or right, you have one dimension. If you veer left or right, you create another dimension, making it a two dimensional drive. If you are driving on a curvy mountain road, you are veering not only left and right, but also up and down, gaining and losing altitude. When this occurs, a third dimension is added, but time creates a fourth. Time causes you to have a fourth dimension: length, width, height, and time. Stephen Hawking is a physicist and cosmologist who has always believed in time travel all his life. Could he possibly have proved time travel possible with his explanation of wormholes?
In space, masses that place pressure on different parts, creating curvatures that can join two times with a passageway. This can easily be understood by thinking of the curvature as a bed sheet being held by two people. If you place a baseball on the sheet, it will roll to the center, causing a curve at this point. When this occurs, something is formed that is called an Einstein-Ro...

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