Time to Get Alert and Save Your Children Essay

Time to Get Alert and Save Your Children Essay

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Should sex education be taught in schools? Whenever it comes about sex education people think of “Intercourse”. Though intercourse is also a part of sex, but it does not mean that sex education only gives knowledge about “How to do intercourse? Rather it covers things like, periods in women, human body, and its changes in puberty and mostly it tells about safe sex. Sex education should be taught in schools because firstly, it builds confidence to accept reality: also it gives awareness to prevent sexually transmitted disease and unwanted pregnancies; it indeed reduces sexual violence and lastly, it teaches about individual’s body structure.
Many people think that if children will learn about sex in schools they will lose their morality and cultural values. Though sexual teaching is against of cultural laws; it gives a platform to know what is right and what is wrong and it makes them to be strong and confident to live their own life independently. According to a survey, in United States, many parents have stated that their children should be taught sex education in schools. This survey says that “Over 80% of polled parents agreed with the statement "Sex education in school makes it easier for me to talk to my child about sexual issues", and under 17% agreed with the statement that their children were being exposed to "subjects I don't think my child should be discussing". (Wikipedia; The free encyclopedia). This shows that most of the educated parents need to build confidence in their children to talk about these facts of lives. However moral values can be still reserved, but sex and sexuality must be taught in early ages so that young generations could be protected from sexually transmitted dise...

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...y awesome. Nice book for adults and nice explanation by author which really helped me in my evidence. This book is having tons of topics related to sex education and that was a great support in my essay.

Herold, Edward S, and Rita M. Benson. "Problems of Teaching Sex Education—A Survey of Ontario Secondary Schools."" (n.d.): n. pag. Print. JSTOR. N.p., n.d.
I found this article quite helpful because it also covered one of the areas of my body paragraphs. Though it was short and concise but it was fine. This article was about problems in teaching sex education that was student’s shyness and moral value etc. I will not prefer it to be perfect for any other topics but only it was having a general survey of a school from US. It gave me some point for my argumentative essay. Though I did not prefer the whole article to read; just for my topic there was some relevance.

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