The Time Of The Ancient Middle East Essay

The Time Of The Ancient Middle East Essay

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The time of the Ancient Middle East, from the Mesopotamians through the early Egyptians, was a period of growth and discovery. Civilizations were expanding and becoming stronger from the 21st-century B.C.E. up through the 15th-century B.C.E. One of the biggest aspects of every civilization is the concept of friendship and the loyalty between those friends. Ancient Mesopotamians and Egyptians always stood by each other, supporting the cause to which they were loyal. Not only the people of the Ancient Middle East, but the people of every era relied largely on personal relationships. Communication is a must in order for every civilization to successfully survive. Through communication, friendships form and trust is needed in those friendships in order to work well together. The people of the Ancient Middle East valued friendship and loyalty extremely highly; it gave people of all social classes a purpose and a sense of belonging and equality.
A friendship is unlike any other relationship, a person can always rely on that friend to be there. A friend is a confidant, the one who knows every deepest, darkest secret a person has. One of the earliest recorded friendships exists in The Epic of Gilgamesh, between Gilgamesh who is two-thirds god and one-third man, and Enkidu who is half-man and half-wild beast.
When Enkidu confronts Gilgamesh in Uruk, before he can engage in droit de seigneur, the act of having sexual relations with a bride on her wedding day, they fight in the street. Gilgamesh emerges triumphant but not by much, Enkidu praises Gilgamesh saying, “High over warriors you are exalted, to be king of the people Enlil made it your destiny” (George 16)! They immediately make well of the situation and become the best of friends be...

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...y on and then their loyalty towards each other grew stronger. Senenmut said of himself that “I was – of truth, not showing partiality; with whose injunctions the Lord of the Two Lands was satisfied” (Slaughter and Bokovoy 26). Hatshepsut was satisfied with what Senenmut had accomplished and Senenmut was satisfied because he had a purpose within their loyal friendship.
Friendship and loyalty in the Ancient Middle East was shaped on equality and having a sense of belonging and purpose. Everything in Mesopotamian society had its purpose; their gods, their kings, the rivers and silt, and law codes. It was similar in Egypt, the Nile River was significant, their economy, their spiritual life, the pyramids, and family. Everything in the Ancient Middle East had a purpose and that is why they held these ideas about friendship and loyalty; the purpose, belonging, and equality.

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