The Time I Spent At Group Dynamics Essay

The Time I Spent At Group Dynamics Essay

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The time I spent in Group Dynamics, was an eye opening experience. Going into any group setting, you expect people to come from all different backgrounds nonetheless; you have no way of knowing how those differences will play out, unless you watch the dynamics first hand. While observing people in a group, I have seen personalities unravel and clash into one another, inevitably leaving one wounded while the other down plays the exchange. Learning to integrate those situations into a learning experience is one key to being a good leader.
Every individual sees things differently; a leader needs to be flexible to accommodate a variety of personalities. It is not always easy to forgo personal biases and focus on building on another person 's strengths and helping them with their growth and full potential.
For my own personal reflection I can see that a person with a strong personality may be challenging for me. The incident between Robert and I exposed a side of me that I needed to take a look at, thereby finding other ways to exhibit a tactful response then the one previous...

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