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The realm of fantasy does not only exist in stories, myths, or legends but also finds its places in the film industry. Film just like stories can capture an audience. By the use of metaphors, film gives us a visual experience that not only expands our horizons but also creates dimension. In Terry Gillian’s 1981 film, Time Bandits, we see the metaphorical value of his film as they share with their audience the themes of biblical good verses evil along with a secondary theme of man and nature verses technology.
In the 1981 movie, Time Bandits, we are taken on a wild journey with Kevin, a young boy, and the dwarves through time in search of treasure and the ultimate object. Appearing from Kevin’s closet one night Kevin finds himself unexpectedly caught in the dwarves’ run from the Supreme Being. The dwarves Kevin meets have stolen a map from the Supreme Being, which shows the holes in the fabric of our universe. Running away from the Supreme Being Kevin alongside the dwarves escapes through history, running into people such as Napoleon to King Agamemnon. Former employees of the Supreme Being, the dwarfs, plan on stealing all the riches from various historical figures in history through time travel. During this journey we see the work of Evil, as he draws the dwarfs and Kevin to his lair in order to steal the map for his own selfish desire to destroy the Supreme Being’s creation. Achieving his goal through deceit, Evil steals the map from the dwarfs and begins his path of destruction. However, Kevin and the dwarfs in the final scenes take back the Map and defeat Evil with the help of the Supreme Being.
Lifting away the layer of literalism, Time Bandits, is a film that expresses many Christian undertones. One of the main themes in th...

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...ve to choose our fate. Everyday, we have the ability to decide whether we want to act in goodness or in deceit. Similarly, we can see this mundane decision in the choices Kevin makes versus the dwarfs throughout the film or Adam and Eve.
Throughout the film, Time Bandits, the biblical themes of good and evil and the power of choice are ever-present. Additionally, Gillian presents these themes as the conflict of man and nature versus technology and the power and purpose of the Map. Each theme behind the literalism of the film itself shows a depth to the value movies can have to our humanity in their message. Some people believe there is evil in the advancement of technology whereas, others lust over their obsession for the latest technological items. The metaphorical value of fantasy films can share the reality of the mundane struggles beneath the fantastic elements.

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