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The Time As Kids Essay

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From the time as kids when we start stringing words together into sentences, we have started lying. It 's something we all do throughout our lives for various reasons. Some lie to avoid consequences while other times it 's to impress others. Then there are the lies we call “good lies,” those little white lies we tell to help or protect others, lying to children about Santa Claus or to teach them a lesson or even to keep information you don 't think they should know. This is about those good lies, the lies we tell not for ourselves but for the sake of others. Even though we all tell lies nobody wants to be lied to. Whenever you ask if someone wants the truth they barely have to think before they respond and yet we still lie throughout our lives.
Everybody lies. And I am no exception. Most of the time it comes from me giving a sarcastic answer that is misunderstood but other times I 'm actually lying for a purpose. Like when my mom wants me to do all my homework the day it 's assigned, and there 's no way that 's happening, I just tell her it 's done so she 'll leave me alone. That 's just a small example that at the end of the day isn 't really all that important, but this lie is a little bigger than that, a lie to myself and to my best friend.
In the 10th grade, I met my best friend, Maegan, in my Foundations of Technology class. She may have just been some girl I was randomly seated next too but I always knew she was special and I had a crush on her since the first day. The class we had together was a joke of a class, allowing for a lot of free time with which we became friends. That 's how most of that year went for me, getting closer to my new best friend, but because of a series of circumstances in her li...

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...ll blame myself for everything. I could have stopped her, gotten her out of there before too much damage was caused, but I didn 't. I didn 't tell the truth and I hurt my best friend as a result. I may not have many people that are that important to me, but I did learn when someone is that important you need to be honest. Together people can get through anything, but they need to know what they are up against. Now I still lie. A lot. But the people closest to me, they deserve the truth, and they get it. I 've been honest with Maegan since that point, completely honest, and, as a result, we 've been dating for a couple of months and are very happy together. Honesty really is the best policy.
(Maegan was not comfortable with me revealing things in too much detail, hence the lack of description of the people involved, as well as some vague phrasing throughout.)

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