Tim Moore 's Idiot Nation, And John Taylor Gatto 's `` Against School ``

Tim Moore 's Idiot Nation, And John Taylor Gatto 's `` Against School ``

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When analyzing the arguments of both Michael Moore’s “Idiot Nation” and John Taylor Gatto’s “Against School”, their most distinct aspect is the tone in which their arguments are presented. Moore’s informal writing invokes a reaction within the reader. He capitalizes entire sentences to make them appear louder and draw attention. How can referring to a president as an “Idiot-in-Chief” not elicit a certain emotion within the reader? Moore is a well-known activist who is quite aware of popularity and infamy. His words are not an attempt to persuade dissenters to his side, but rather to appeal to the emotions of his supporters and drive them to action. Whereas Gatto writes in a formal but understandable language that appeals to the intelligence of parents and children alike regardless of their view of public education. It is notably free of exclamation marks as well as the jargon associated with educators. The voice used plays a key role in the techniques and tools each arguer uses to convince their intended audience to take action.
For instance, one of the first steps in creating an argument is convincing the audience to listen to you, and then convincing them there is a problem that requires a solution. Exemplification is a suitable technique because it not only presents the issue in a relatable dialogue, but it allows the audience to connect the arguer to the issue. If the audience doesn’t believe there is a problem or doesn’t believe the arguer is credible, then Gatto’s and Moore’s words would fall on deaf ears.
Given Gatto’s background as an educator, it is relatively easy for him to draw on his experience and be acknowledged as a credible writer regarding public education. He uses his expert opinion to put his stories into the c...

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... an audience of supports, and if they agree with his political outlooks, then they are more inclined to agree with his argument as well.
Whether the school system is oppressive due to historical reasons or incompetent politicians, Gatto and Moore agree that authoritarian school systems are in place to create expressionless members of “democracy”. Gatto’s appeal to logic, libertarian beliefs, and professional background drive his argument to his desired solution: give student autonomy. He appeals directly to parents and children to take charge of their educations to beat the school system. Moore, on the other hand, offers no solution at all and essentially tells the reader to disregard all the facts and live in blissful ignorance just as the system had intended them to. Perhaps this is a final attempt to incite passion in the reader to take action and seek a solution.

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