Tim Anderson : The First Success Factor Essay

Tim Anderson : The First Success Factor Essay

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In, how to run your business by the book, Anderson points out six principles the makes a leader. Three of these are regarding David and the other three are regarding Jesus. These show ways that each of these great biblical men showed us how to be great leaders.
We start with David. Anderson (2011) states as the first Success Factor “David assumes the traits of a leader before he was in a leadership position” (p. 10). A person who wants to go into a leadership position needs to act like a leader first. One has to know how to manage time, emotions, character choice, discipline in the position they are in now Anderson (2011). This way they set themselves up for a more managerial role.
I always try to do these things at my employment. I figure that if people do not feel comfortable coming to me now, then how would they feel comfortable if I was a manager? I try to bring up solutions to any problems that may have come up and love having the leaders come to me when they may have a question.
The second success factor is that Anderson (2011) “David honored the leader above him” p....

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