Essay on Tighter Border Restrictions Will Reduce Illegal Immigration

Essay on Tighter Border Restrictions Will Reduce Illegal Immigration

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One of America’s many problems is the rise of illegal immigration. While steps

have already been taken to reduce the number of immigrants coming through

unlawfully, many are still entering. Such passage brings forth numerous problems that

must be dealt with accordingly. Therefore, I propose tighter border restrictions as well as

ways to offer more legal immigration to those who wish to enter the United States for

residential purposes. By doing so, our country will become safer and more secure.

The great majority of illegal immigrants in the U.S. may have left their original

countries for understandable reasons. The primary reason is the wide variety of jobs our

nation offers. These jobs require little skill and education . Many immigrants who cross

over hope to attain jobs such as these in order to make money and provide for themselves

and their families. While these transients come for a well-meaning purpose, it still does

not excuse them from disobeying this country’s laws in order to gain entrance
( Williams 34).

In addition to gaining jobs, many travelers from countries such as Cuba, come

to escape tyrannical governments. The freedoms that this country offers are tempting.

These immigrants venture to the U.S. in pursuit of a ‘Dream’. As a result, areas where

the immigrants first arrive at are becoming overcrowded and densely populated. More

still may leave their country in order to prosper from our nations higher quality of life
(Lee 23).
Due to the crowded and impoverished conditions of some regions of other, third-world

countries, some may seek out a better life in the United States. However, due

to so many immigrants, both legal and illegal...

... middle of paper ...

...need to do to

stop this unlawful act from continuing on any further, it take action now.

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