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Tiger Airways is an airline company established in Singapore in the year 2004. It is a budget carrier which means the services provided by this airline is affordable and satisfying. This company incorporates three airlines, which are Tiger Airways Singapore, Tiger Airways Australia and Tiger Airways Mandala. Tiger Airways travels to over 50 different places at 14 different countries in the Asia Pacific. Furthermore, Tiger Airways owns a fleet of aircrafts with the age of less than three years. Tiger Airways Singapore has a fleet consisting of 27 aircrafts. Meanwhile, Tiger Airways Australia has 13 aircrafts whereas Tiger Airways Mandala has the least which was nine aircrafts (Tigerair, n.d.).
Tiger Airways has an impressive record by winning several awards. The earliest award won by Tiger Airways was Low Cost Airline of the Year Award at CAPA’s Aviation Awards for Excellence in the year 2010. In 2012, two awards were won by Tiger Airways which was Top Airline by Growth in Passenger Carriage (Singapore) at the Changi Airline Awards 2012 and Best in-flight meals in the low cost airline category at the Asia Pacific Airline Food Awards of 2012. The following year, Tiger Airways won a massive amount of four awards in total, namely Promising New Foreign Airline of the Year 2012 by KL International Airport, Top Airline by Growth in Cargo Carriage at the Changi Airline Awards, Top 3 Airlines by Passenger Carriage (Singapore) at the Changi Airline Awards and lastly got recognised as Singapore’s largest no-frills airline by Centre for Aviation (Tiger, n.d).
However, they winnings were not helping in profit wise. Tiger Airways faced losses for 3 consecutive years as reported by Tan in 2014. Centre of Aviation (CAPA) in 2...

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This issue has great impact on Tiger Airways, many steps or tactics been taken by them to improve their reputation as well as gaining more profits and reducing losses. The consumer behaviour towards services provided by Tiger Airways was affected by some problems that seem to be risking the lives of their passengers. This explains the loss of immense profit that led them into losses. In gaining back the confidence of their customers, they made many promotions by offering much lower prices and deals which includes hotels as well. For example, their customers could rent certain hotels at cheaper price and save up their travelling expenses. In short, Tiger Airways is struggling to get out of the pothole after suffering three consecutive losses so that they do not have to end their business.

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