Tidal Model Of Mental Health Essay

Tidal Model Of Mental Health Essay

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Tidal Model of Mental Health Nursing
Throughout history, mental health has been difficult to categorize into specific qualities, and outcomes. Due to the notion of uncertainty in defining mental health, the recovery process for mental health has been lost in the convoluted perception. Phil Barker developed the Tidal Model of Mental Health theory, a philosophical approach to illuminate recovery within the ill patient in order to find one’s true self. The implication of this theory emphasizes the importance of the nurse’s ability to use the patient’s journey through their sickness to help find the patient’s voice again, and not create a stagnant template for recovery.
Discussion of Theorist
To begin, Phil Barker was a former professor at the University of Newcastle, UK and he focused his studies on contemporary mental health in nursing (Barker & Buchanan-Barker, 2010). Barker contributed over forty years of experience in psychiatric nursing, and countless years of research (Barker & Buchanan-Barker, 2010). Through experience and dedication of his research Barker manifested a fluid model to help understand psychiatric recovery for both the patient and the nurse in the late 1990’s. The Tidal Model was developed over a four-year period refocusing on the significance of patients’ needs in mental health care (Barker, 2001). The model consists of six specific interpersonal interactions that help enable the patient’s empowerment and aid in recovery. The first assumption consists of inferring that every mental health patient has a belief in the virtue of curiosity (Barker, 2001). I.E. The ability of the nurse to express curiosity allows the patient to reveal the mystery behind the patient’s story, which will help the patient find a recogni...

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...s and the detachment of the patient’s awareness.
Due to the difficulty in identifying and understanding mental illness the complications of understanding recovery continues to be questioned. Moreover, Phil Barker as noted above has created a model, aiding in the recovery of the mentally ill. He implements the importance of the patient, understanding their history of experiences amongst the forever evolving relationship of self, world and other people. He created six interactions that should be a goal in understanding of the patient and nurse, and achieving them allows for the beginning of the journey to recovery. Thus, the Tidal Model in nursing conveys guidelines to help the nurse understand the experiences of the patient that contributed to mental illness, and the experiences that made the patient who they are, and most importantly who they want to be.

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