Tidal Energy Alleviating Man's Demand for Energy Essay

Tidal Energy Alleviating Man's Demand for Energy Essay

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Tidal Energy Alleviating Man’s Demand for Energy

The demand for energy has increased rapidly, while its supply has continued to
decrease rapidly. Inventors have only worsened the energy crisis by creating “energy
savers” that run on fossil fuels. Yet, the answer is quite simple and lies in the ocean’s
tides that can be used as a safer and alternative for energy. France has invented a tidal
barrage that now powers 240,000 homes ten hours a day. Other countries are following
France’s lead by beginning the construction of their own tidal barrages. However, the
world still needs a longer lasting energy source.

The demand for energy has increased rapidly, while its supply has continued to
decrease rapidly. Inventors have created “energy savers” such as hybrid cars only
worsening the problem with its increase in pollution and incredible energy consumption.
Hybrid cars run on petroleum and electricity. Meanwhile, people desperately accept it as
the Earth’s fossil fuels are rapidly consumed.
Yet, the answer is quite simple and lies in the ocean’s tides that can be used as a
safer and alternative for energy. The ocean’s tides run through tidal barrages in which
turbines rapidly spin and transform low tides into energy. This energy does not pollute
the atmosphere nor does it produce any greenhouse effects. Even though tidal barrages
are expensive to build and maintain, they produce a lot of safe and free energy.
Of course tidal barrages appear to be the ideal solution for the world’s energy
crisis. However, tidal barrages effect the environment. Birds migrate away from tidal
barrages in order to find ideal living conditions. Fish are caught and killed by the
Tidal Energy 2
spinning turbines....

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