Ticking Lyme Bomb: My Sick Role Essay

Ticking Lyme Bomb: My Sick Role Essay

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Ticking Lyme Bomb: My Sick Role

Modern society is constantly working towards improvements in health care and its related sciences. A health-care system is a system of healing; like any other structure it embraces a number of social expectations regarding the definition of being a “patient.” This paper will discuss the theory of structural functionalism and how the idea of Parson’s Sick Role interrelates with my personal experience. The concept will be exemplified by a personal medical experience when I was diagnosed with the Lyme disease that left me virtually incapacitated in performing my day-to-day tasks. I will discuss the significance of Parson’s sick role, structural functionalism theory and it’s implications on a societal level, my personal illness and finally, how the aforementioned concepts affected my personal experience. This paper will analyze how does Parson’s sick role play into my sickness?

My Personal Experience
What is a Lyme disease?
Two years ago I was diagnosed with the Lyme disease. Lyme disease is a bacterial infection transmitted by a tick bite. The disease starts off as a minor peculiar skin rash that turns into severe arthritis symptoms leading towards crippling (Shrestha, Grodzicki, & Steere, 1985, p. 236). Lyme disease is also known to contribute to arthritis, heart problems, brain problems and nerve severities. During this time, I was unable to continue with my day-to-day life and was forced to rest to allow for maximum recovery. After receiving antibiotics and receiving professional advice I was able to recover and be introduced into the role I play as society such as a student, employee, son and more.

Structural Functionalism Theory
What is Structural Functionalism Theory? ...

... middle of paper ...

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