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The film industry has many artists which contribute different skills and talents to making a film. Although the success of a film is due largely to the insight and take of the director on a film (Goodykoontz & Jacobs, 2011), the help from all involved is important in making a coherent and successful film. As with most stories they all start from writing (Goodykoontz & Jacobs, 2011) , it is the director’s job to put on film what the in visionary (screen writer) has on paper and make it work for the audience in telling a story. Through the use of artists such as the director, the production designer and art directors as well as many others; a film can fill an audience with an escape from reality. Permitting for a short time in a person’s hectic life to let you find a whole new world of relaxation and excitement through movies.
The movie Fast and the Furious was a hit at the box office for 2011 and grossed over $200 million (Gray 2011). The year 2011 was what the film industry calls a down year for film, therefore movie sequels in this case did not make a huge impact for that reason (Gray 2011). Never the less the movies were a huge success with the movie goers. Director of this film Justin Lin has directed each of the movies Fast and Furious sagas. The exciting element of this director is his extraordinary way of always adding different tones and style to each picture. In all the Fast Five movies the main focus was about going fast and cars. Fast cars are not largely focused on in the Fast Five movie; however director Lin has added a new objective for all the main characters, to complete the heist and “to stay alive”.
As the director, Lin is responsible for making sure that all elements of the movie come together as they should...

... middle of paper ...

The scene has been set in Rio which takes the audience to a place many have never visited as well as getting the adrenaline flowing with all the music and action. This action pack movie is a hit.

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