Essay about Throgs Neck in the Movie Summer of Same Directed by Spike Lee

Essay about Throgs Neck in the Movie Summer of Same Directed by Spike Lee

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If you have ever heard or watched the movie Summer of Sam, an American crime movie directed by Spike Lee in 1999 than you would know filming took place in a Bronx neighborhood called Throgs Neck. In fact, I have recently discovered that filming took place right on my block. Located in the Northwestern part of the Bronx, from what I have observed Throgs Neck is manly a one to two family suburb area with the exception of some apartment buildings. Throgs Neck has many events throughout the year, known for its parades such as the annual St. Patrick’s Parade and the Veterans Day Parade, which take place on East Tremont Avenue.
Throgs Neck is a friendly neighborhood for example, if someone was to ask me, “Where do you live?” my response would be “Oh I live near the water, you know right across the bridge next to I.S 192.” Most people seem to know what I am talking about yet most have never been, even if it is just across the Bridge. People seem to know the neighborhood well. Throgs Neck is located in the Bronx between the East River and the Long Island Sound. Walking out of my house, I could see City Island just across the East River. Down the block from me is the neighborhood corner store, which has been there for many years. Country club is just a few blocks away from me as well as Pelham Bay Park. There is also a small park to my right near Edgewater called Bicentennial Veterans Memorial Park. On my right and up the block is a middle school, not too far from there is an elementary school as well. There is also a local New York City Public Library where you will notice kid’s hangout after school. Throgs Neck’s main street road would have to be East Tremont Avenue. Where you would find your local supermarkets, drugstores, and family ...

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...eople are friendly there are some times were people could be mean, but that is just how life is. Throgs Neck is where I would to be.

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