Essay about The Thrill of Mountain Bike Riding

Essay about The Thrill of Mountain Bike Riding

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The Thrill of Mountain Bike Riding

The Thrill of Mountain Bike Riding
Have you ever experienced the excitement of mountain bike riding? You start pedaling and off you go on a mountain bike nature trail. At first, when you start pedaling going up that first hill your legs start to burn like there is no tomorrow. But, all of a sudden you reach that hill, and gain the confidence that you can do this. The next hill is bigger, and you need to remember to shift your gears while pedaling harder. “Mountain biking is not a series of obstacles, but a succession of opportunities. Every rock, every log, every hill offers an opportunity to better your skills and broaden your experience” (King and Kaminer 145). Mountain bike riding is a lot of fun, but the safety needs come first and the right equipment is a priority. Mountain bike riding has many opportunities that are filled with excitement and pain; however, the safety needs come first.
Furthermore, the safety of mountain biking is a priority, and having the right equipment goes hand in hand with safety. The mountain bike needs to be the right size for the person because a bike too big or too small can create chronic pain as well as unnecessary falls. There are many mountain bikes to choose from, and it depends on your budget. “Mountain biking is a great sport but it can also be a dangerous one so we always recommend wearing a helmet” (BikeRadar pars 5). The helmet should fit snug, and not block your vision. Another safety tip is to wear gloves with the fingers protruding about inch from the gloves. The gloves will protect in the event you fall and from soreness of the handlebars. Eye protection is always highly suggested because a gnat or a foreign object could hit the...

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...h other goals in life. However, the biker feels such defeat and the pain is pure agony, when they fall climbing a steep hill or crossing a log and rocks. The thrill of mountain biking creates the opportunities to excel, and the triumphs defiantly outwit the failures. In addition, there is the added bonus of aerobic fitness that increases the flow of oxygen to the muscles and vital organs of the body. The person that is physical fit has the advantages of being stronger, as well having endurance and flexibility.

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