Three Traditions of International Theory Essay

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The realist normative tradition illustrates international relations as a condition of international anarchy (sociological terms); the rationalist normative tradition illustrates international relations as a condition of international society (teleological terms); and the revolutionist normative tradition illustrates international relations as a condition of harmony or single utopia in the world (ethical and prescriptive terms).
Realism prioritizes national interest and security over ideology, moral concerns and social reconstructions. Realists arrived at basic condition of anarchy because there are no general measures which all countries can utilize to guide their conduct (Donnelly,2000). But, a state must constantly be alert of the activities of the states around it and use a realistic approach to resolve the problems. The development of modern warfare and depletion of resources also consolidate the fundamentals of realism. The realists reached this theory by making various assumptions (Richard,1981). They assume that international system is in a steady state of disorder. There is no actor higher than the states that is able of controlling their relations; states must maintain their associations with other states by themselves. Realists suppose that states must endeavour to conquer as many resources as achievable for their national security. Realists believe that interactions between states are decided by their might based on their militaries and financial strength. Further, assumption that there is a common distrust of long-standing collaboration or coalition leads to their fundamental political condition of Anarchy.
Revolutionist on the other hand may be described more specifically as those who keenly trust in the ethical ...

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...ds rationalism obtained its well-liked, most accepted meaning and reached its fundamental political condition of international society which is ideal and relies upon obligations and priori reasoning.
To conclude, the three traditions of international theory (realism, rationalism, and revolutionist) developed unique fundamental political conditions based on the circumstances and challenges faced by the states in the course of time.

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