Three Theoretical Approaches Of Poverty Essay

Three Theoretical Approaches Of Poverty Essay

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Three theoretical approaches of Poverty in America


The structural-functional approach of poverty in America is all levels of stratification (economic, social classes) contribute important parts of keeping societies stabilize. Stratification has positives. “Society must somehow distribute its members in social positions and induce them to perform the duties of these positions” (Davis and Moore, 1945). Kingsley Davis and Wilbert E. Moore came with their theory that stratification is key to a structured society. Various Jobs in society require a different level of education, experience, and skills that deserves a high economic reward system to be the most qualified. High-level expertise occupations (doctors, lawyers, CEO, etc.) motivates people to achieve higher occupations by offering high finical rewards for accomplishments.

“Poverty makes possible the existence or expansion of respectable professions and occupations ( penology, criminology, social work, public health, etc.). Poverty provides jobs in social science, social workers, journalist and poverty warriors” (Herbert Gans, 1972). Herbert Gans theory, poverty makes jobs to deal with the consequences of poverty. Stratification has people trying for the best jobs with high financial rewards in all levels of income. Poor people get look down upon as a “burden of society” working low-wage jobs at hard manual labor." Who are willing to do dirty, dangerous, difficult work that others refuse to do” (Gans 1972). A latent positive for the society isn 't intended, but very needed.

However, the sociologist of today argue it’s economic inequality of important occupational workers underpaid (elderly residential nurses, teachers) vs. Individual title in non...

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...not saying let’s be communist, I do believe everyone in America should have social tools for a fair shot at life.

Structural Explanation

Assumption of structural explanation of poverty in America is “poverty results from problems in society that lead to a lack of opportunity and a lack of jobs” (This is “Poverty”, chapter 2 page 59 from the book A Primer on Social Problems (index.html) (v. 1.0). To look at why there is a lack of jobs, we have to look at the conditions. why are people in poverty? The Gans theory is that are jobs in poverty problems. Which is good. Having jobs helps the people in poverty limits potential in people who in live poverty. Crime, drugs, teenage pregnancy, single motherhood, neglected children, and gang violence is a circle of life in poverty in America. Rich and powerful people want to keep it that way and drag working class people down t

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