Essay on The Three Strategies of Green IT Summary

Essay on The Three Strategies of Green IT Summary

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This is a summary of the article, “Three Strategies for Green IT.” This article is about companies that are identifying three strategies towards the benefits of Green IT. During the last few years, corporate management and CIOs have increasingly received both internal and external pressure to consider Green IT. (Hedman 2011) A considerable amount of external pressure includes customers demanding and rewarding numerous companies through an act of sustaining resources. In combination with government, authorities are seeking to regulate positive behavior to develop a more conservative business that implements the three strategies of Green IT. Internally, many employees and shareholders are accounting the responsibility to the social and environmental demands of other companies. These internal and external pressures are promoting an increase on a company’s competitive side; however, there are many companies that are unaware of the process of green IT. The investigations of green IT has led to the discovery of the three strategies: storefront focusing on external presentation, tuning involving efficiency, and redesigning that leads into the reinvention of a company to acknowledge green IT’s potential.

In order to create an image for Green IT, IT has its focus on the food industry, enabling and tracing the food products from farmer to the consumers. The storefront strategy is to create an image that symbolizes green IT through legal requirements. As part of an image, green IT is promoting a responsible image as an important area for the company. For the companies, green IT became a primary issue for the accounting department, the auditors, and the communications or marketing department. The storefront strategy allows the altering ...

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...s are implementing the three strategies of green IT. The overall strategy itself was a mixture of the three strategies in most cases. To some extent, every organization was interested in green IT. Similarly, individuals following the green IT was examining new business activities for potential efficiency improvements. The redesigning strategy, however, depends on decision-making skills because it requires changes to how the organization regarded its business. Furthermore, it involves employees’ participation in implementing the strategy of green IT. Companies are engaged in actively seek opportunities to combine all of the three strategies of green IT to leverage the short and long-term opportunities of business.

Works Cited

Hedman Jonas, and Stefan Henningsson. “Three Strategies for Green IT Storefront, Tuning And Redesign.” IT Professional (2011): 54-57. Print.

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