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Three Species of Shark Essay

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The Western Australia shark cull is a government policy implemented early this year that allows the capture and murder of large sharks. This is done with baited drum lines , it aims to catch and kill Great White sharks, Bull sharks andTiger sharks. All three of these shark species are endangered.

Let me introduce you to Premier Colin Barnett the man responsible for the shark cull. This is the man that despite 80% of Australians being opposed to the cull, according to UMR research, got the policy approved and is now the reason for the capture of over 170 sharks on drum lines. How could our government let this happen? Federal environment minister Greg Hunt says, “Human life must be paramount”, is this how he justifies granting the Western Australian government an exemption from national environment laws protecting great white sharks? These laws are put in place to stop radical politicians, making premature decisions and putting in place inhumane policies that will exploit threatened species.

Fortunately the policy is opposed by a huge number of animal rights activist groups , these include but are not limited to, The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Greenpeace Australia and the Australian Marine Conservation Society. Marine scientists and Marine experts are also opposed to the policy, so what does this tell us? It tells us that murdering these animals is the wrong thing to do. These groups are designed to be the voice of animals and ensure they are not treated unfairly or forced into extinction, clearly with so many of these groups fighting for the sharks, it is not an issue that can be overlooked.

On the 26th of January, Australia day, the first shark was killed as part of the policy, it was a 3 metre pregnant, t...

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...onable to invest in a strategy that would also lead to an increase in knowledge?

Placing more funds into researching and testing electronic devices used to deter sharks, would not only increase human safety but could also allow Australia to take credit for developing peaceful techniques of sharing the marine environment with these great creatures. These devices use electrical currents to cause sharks to flee the area without having any adverse effects on the animals.

Finally and information program needs to be put in place to educate beach goers of sharks and the things they can do to minimize their risk of encountering one. We must remember that the ocean is their territory and the ocean along with the sharks should be respected.

How would you like it if someone came into your home, left you to dangle on a hook before shooting you in the head?

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