Three Reasons Why Biotechnology Should be Pursued Essay

Three Reasons Why Biotechnology Should be Pursued Essay

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Three Reasons Why Biotechnology Should be Persuade
Today in the twenty-first century, technology, a practical act of applying that what came from science is spreading out in our everyday lives for the purpose of stabilizing problems in the world and also to make our life much easier. Now, companies are focused on their position in society and worldwide competition. As they become more effective in production, they keep improving their products. Improved production results from technology progression. Yesterday, we could only imagine and dream about what we have today. In the past two decades, a new branch of technology has been developed called Biotechnology. The basic concept is modifying a plant to improve it in some way, be it its rate of growth, size, flavor etc. This process creates genetically engineered foods, or genetically modified organisms (GMO). In the case of wheat, this can be done by inserting the gene of a bacterium into it so that the crop will be insect-tolerant and produce its own insecticide. Today, millions of people in the United States often eat and drink food which is genetically engineered. Many of them are fearful of this new science and are calling this new type of food as genetically transformed “Frankenstein food”. The argument comes when a significant number of opponents around the United States take a stance against genetically engineered food due to the weak restrictions of government, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) which do prove safety data for these products. However, genetically modified food is not harmful and can bring huge potential that simply is impossible to ignore. Biotechnological advances can improve the nutritional value of plants, pr...

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...iculture have dramatically diminished and will continue to do so go as more and more developments are made. Hunger will go down in the world as crops will be capable of growing in places where it was impossible before. Profits lost for farmers will decrease also. This new science has saved many lives, shown us ways to improve and improve the capabilities of agriculture. Biotechnology is a powerful tool of nature that is in human hands. Conclusively, biotechnology can and will change the farming industry. Our planet is becoming denser with population increase. We are dependent on that work in the biotechnology field to ensure that there will be enough food to go around and that no one will ever starve from hunger. Biotechnology is the science of the next century. It has the ability to solve many of our problems, so the people at the millennium can have better lives.

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