Essay on Three Negative Effects of Online Dating

Essay on Three Negative Effects of Online Dating

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Love, Intimacy, and Technology
While movies, books, plays, and love songs certainly provide all individuals with a distorted view of both love and intimacy in today’s day and age, It also seems that it does not matter where love is mentioned or in what it is mentioned in people act like starved animals that are in need of a steak dinner. As a result all the information about love and romance and relationships that is available to individuals may provide them with a dreamy and fanciful view of love and intimacy in the digital age. It is also true that technology and the many advancements of mobile communication that are available to help people navigate their daily lives no matter where they live in the world is extensive and overwhelming to say the least.
It also seems that it does not matter where love is mentioned or in what context it is mentioned in people act like starved animals in need of a steak dinner.
The impact of technology seems to have affected every part of an individual’s life here on earth from their workplace, to their vehicles, to the criminal justice system, to the medical field, to their education, and their homes to name a few, and there are still many instances in which we create, develop or use technological devices in accordance with a normal human beings existence on earth.
It is also true that people who are blessed to live in the new millennium are so enamored with technology and the new ways it helps them on their daily journey through life that they use it to connect with anyone and everyone from family and friends to significant others on a daily basis.
This becomes most apparent in the way we approach relationships with other individuals, while it is true that long gone are the days of co...

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...y Word
Defamation – the act of defaming; false or unjustified injury of the good reputation of another, as by slander or libel;

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