The Three Major Themes Of Macbeth Essay

The Three Major Themes Of Macbeth Essay

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An Analysis of the Three Major Themes of Macbeth
Throughout history there have been several people that could have been known as being “evil.” For example, Hitler attempted a genocide of the Jews in Europe, Joseph Stalin murdered millions of his own people, as well as Osama Bin Laden was the leader of the once prominent terrorist group Al Qaeda. In the play Macbeth, by William Shakespeare, Macbeth is truly an evil character. Macbeth throughout the play killed countless amount of people. Macbeth is easily seen as being evil. While Macbeth was the main bad guy in the play, underneath the main plot, theme, Macbeth’s story, there were several underlying messages that the audience may have missed. For example, a couple scenes in the play feature other characters that aren’t Macbeth. With these scenes that don’t have Macbeth in them are very crucial to the play because they give the play themes or messages that the audience is supposed to keep and think about. The three main themes in Macbeth include; the theme of manhood, the theme of madness, as well as the theme of being a traitor.
To begin, in the play Macbeth, the theme of manhood is frequently addressed. During Shakespeare’s time, the early 17th century, manhood amongst men was a huge talking point for most. Most men, if they didn’t have “manhood” were seen as weak, or not a man, which would be demoralizing to almost every man during the 17th century. Some could even say that manhood is still ever so present in modern day society. During the play, several times a couple men in the play had their manhood questioned. The first time a man’s manhood was questioned was in the act I when Lady Macbeth questioned her husband’s manhood, in order to sway Macbeth into killing Dunc...

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... secondary meaning in the story appreciate it more than some. The play should be famous not only for just its plot, but for the themes and secondary meanings that are all over the play. Not only with Macbeth were there secondary meanings in many of the parts, but all of Shakespeare’s work as well. It takes a special person to realize the secondary meanings in Shakespeare’s work, but when one appreciates what Shakespeare wrote specifically for those people, people tend to appreciate Shakespeare’s plays even more. I, for one, never did understand any of the secondary meanings in Shakespeare’s plays, however, in my senior year, I have begun to essentially look past the lines. Because of this, I have developed a greater enjoyment of Shakespeare’s plays. The messages that Shakespeare writes are enjoyable for me because I could apply most of the messages in my daily life.

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