The Three Major Factors that Influence How Business is Conducted Essay

The Three Major Factors that Influence How Business is Conducted Essay

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The way business is conducted is influenced by three major factors. These factors are the rules and policies in place, the external environment and the different actors interacting in this environment. Globalization, in particular, marks the growing interdependence among countries, and offers a new perspective on organizations and their management. A number of theories and legislations find their roots in this new environment. The reality is that the norms have changed and that managers have to face a new set of challenges. One of these challenges is diversity. Factors such as legal and demographic changes have contributed to the prevalence of diversity in today’s workplace. More importantly, the necessity for organizations to be present and competitive on a global scale have long been the underlying motivation behind diversity management. Organizational diversity, in fact, can take different forms, whether legal, moral or strategic. Not all organizations, however, decide to cope with diversity with the same degree nor the same devotion. Some simply deal with it, while others decide to embrace it. These attitudes expose the clear shift that is operated in the workplace and that slowly shapes the new face of the corporate world. What are the real motivations driving this transition? Is diversity just another way for companies to remain competitive? Is it part of a greater shift that affects global values and perspectives? Maybe there is something more behind diversity management. Researches have been made that will help answering these questions . For this study, these diversity theories will be divided in three categories, based on their level on emphasis.
For organizations around the globe, Globalization is translated into a new...

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...bove- mentioned signs mark a progressive shift in attitudes and a rapid transition towards a new era for the workplace. The widening of trade borders goes along with the widening of minds, judgement and expectations. In other words, there seem to be in the workplace today, both for employees and organizations, an interest that goes beyond the bottom line. Ethics, diversity and impact have become words that overweight the perspective of simple financial gains. Organizations want to impact and influence the world, people, and ideas around them. It is this mission, rather than the means, that has the potential to reshape the workplace. Whether dealing with cultural differences, employment laws, or business practices, the question of diversity encompass all of these concerns and reshape itself into a more people-focused, globally-oriented, and ethically-concerned matter.

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