The Three Main Causes for the Increasing Rate in Divorce

The Three Main Causes for the Increasing Rate in Divorce

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“I have no father, you have no mother.” This is a famous quote from the movie, “The Parent Trap”. Have you ever thought your child would say something like this? It would be a very awful situation for you. However, this situation frequently happens and divorce rates are continuously increasing today. According to an upcoming article in The Journal of Economic Perspectives (Ampersand), the annual rate of divorce in 1860 was close to 0%. In the 2000s, however, the annual rate was close to 20%. Then, what is the reason why so many people are divorced today? There are many reasons for divorce, specifically; changes in women’s roles in society, difference in personality with spouses, and lack of communication are the most common causes of divorce.
First of all, women’s changing role in society is the clearest cause in my opinion. In the past, women spent most of their time at home doing housework, taking care of their children and husband. In the meantime, “Men put on their suits and headed to the office.” (Thuong, 1) Due to these roles, women had to depend on men for everything. However, now women have achieved the same position as men. “Women who have achieved great reputation in government, enterprise, sports, or the media have become a familiar sight today.” (National Resource Center) For the effect of these circumstances, women do not want to be tied down to a husband and home. They want a free life and to do what they want.
Second, another reason for this problem is the difference in personality with spouses. Before marriage, each person really does their best to agree with their partners because their lovers are not completely connected by law with them. After marriage, on the other hand, it is certain that their lovers are completely connected. Therefore, they demand more things and expect too much from their wife or husband. They overlook that people are all different. When my mother fought for the first time with my father since marriage, at first, she was very upset. However, she thought “He is just one independent person.” After that, she could understand my father and also my father tried to understand my mother. This is exemplary solution of cannot understand difference in personality with spouses. King Solomon noted, “As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.” (Proverbs 27:17, NLT) Like this quote, trying efforts to decrease differences is important.

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Third, lack of communication can causes divorces. Many people ignore that lack of communication can destroy their marriage. According to eHow Contributor, Robert Vaux, 4 problems can appear resulted from lack of communication. First thing is insecurity. Without proper communication, couples are unable to reassure one another, aggravating existing insecurities. Second is secrecy. Lack of communication means that fewer problems are being discussed and some are being kept secret from partner. Third is distance. Couples who don't speak to each other become more distant by default and may eventually find others in whom they can confide more readily. Becoming more distant will likely lead to loss of intimacy, which can really make a marriage suffer. Last is self-contentment. Without communication, the marriage cannot grow and evolve to adapt to new circumstances. Self-contentment eventually sets in and with it comes slump, the stage of ennui in married life. (Robert Vaux)
To sum up, there are 3 main causes of divorce; changes in women’s roles in society, difference in personality with spouses, and lack of communication. It is so sorrowful that many couples who swore that love each other in wedding divorced. Think of this quote from the movie, Eternal Sunshine. “You can erase someone from your mind, getting them out of your heart is another story.” Like this quote, due to just of these 3 causes or other mere problems, you should not think divorce easily. Just think one more time when you were first falling in love with your wife or husband. Maybe you must not think about divorce ever again.

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