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McLaurin & Al Amri (2008) de 1bgrscribe a charismatic leader as someone who is self-confident, has a clear vision, takes risks, and acts as an agent of change. Well known charismatic leaders include Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Malcolm X. The argument could be made that they were transformational leaders, as the dividing line between the two styles seems blurred. Charismatic leaders emerge when there is great turmoil and emotional pain. The people need a leader and are willing to follow someone who is inspirational.
The Charismatic Leader at Foothills WTP
I work at Foothills Water Treatment Plant, which is part of Denver Water. It is the largest treatment plant in the state and over one million people each day rely on our water. It is a high stress, high responsibility job in the best of times.
Our manager is difficult to work with. He is retired from the military and has a very authoritarian-compliance style. Denver Water as a whole is working toward empowering employees and allowing them more freedom in their jobs. He will try to comply with the wishes and allow us more autonomy. But as soon as someone makes a mistake, he gives them a formal, written reprimand, there may be disciplinary action, and he restricts everyone’s actions. Employees are afraid to make a decision or take action without his explicit approval, even when he says we should be acting independently. Morale is low and fear is the overriding motivator for most people.
A charismatic leader could easily turn things around. If we had a leader who inspired us to be the best we can personally and to be the best water treatment plant in the state, people would follow him or her readily and step up to the challenges presented. Fea...

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... could make the difference between a satisfactory and an outstanding outcome.
There are many leadership styles available for use. The best type of leadership depends upon the situation and all of the people involved. No one is able to use every style with equal proficiency. But if you know the options, you can choose a style that will suit both you and the situation.

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Northouse, P. (2013). Leadership: Theory and practice. Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications, Inc.
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